1Is there a downtime after a Hair Transplant?
There is minimal downtime after a hair transplant. All most all patients return to work the following day or two. If your work requires strenuous activity then taking a few days off is recommended. Stay away from strenuous exercise for 5-7 days.
2Is the procedure painful?
The procedure is less painful than going to the dentist. You are not placed under full anesthesia. Everything is done with local numbing. Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center specifically numbs the root of the nerves, enabling for better anesthesia. He also uses long acting anesthetics, so you don’t have much pain. In general, patients getting hair transplant are surprised and delighted by the minimal pain they experience. Oral pain medications are also available.
3Am I completely sedated during the procedure?
No. You are alert and awake during the entire procedure watching TV. You get as many breaks as you wish, including a lunch break.
4Is it my hair?
Yes. The hair transplanted is taken from the permanent hairs from the back of the scalp.
5Will my results look natural?
Yes. Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center spends as much time as necessary to make sure he creates the perfect, 100% natural hair transplant. His motto is “Go Unnoticed” meaning that if anybody recognizes you had a hair transplant, it is not natural looking. As such, he has invested a tremendous amount of technology and time to make this happen. Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center is dedicated to performing one surgery per day, so only one patient gets all his attention. For the back of the scalp, where the strip of hair is removed he does not use any staples. He delicately spends an hour suturing the back of the scalp to ensure the most minimal scar possible. Also, he uses a technique called the Trichophytic procedure to decrease the risk of scarring. Technology is also imperative. Specialized stereo microscopes allow him to prepare fragile hair follicles, so they look natural when implanted. He uses custom-made blades less than 1 millimeter wide to create the incision sites for the follicles, which produce the most natural hairline that is undetectable. During the actual incision site creation, he uses special surgical magnifiers to create the incision sites with the appropriate angles and direction. All the technology and time spent translate into a very natural looking hair transplant that is undetectable.
6I’m coming out of the area, where can I stay?
Our Specialists will place you at our nearby hotel at no cost to you.
7Will any plugs or mini-grafts be used during the procedure?
No. No plugs or mini-grafts are used during the hair transplant procedure. Only follicular unit hair grafts are used for hair transplants. This is done by using the most advanced technology such as stereo microscopes, custom-made blades, and magnifiers to be able to carefully dissect the thinnest hair follicles possible and implant it appropriately.
8I live far away, can I schedule a phone consultation?
Yes. It is very simple. You can only send us your pictures via email or regular post, and Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center will evaluate them very carefully. Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center will then contact you and discuss your hair loss, possible etiologies and treatment plans with you.
9Is there financing available?
Yes. There is 0% financing for up to 24 months for qualified applicants. This means that Specialists will pay the interest and you only pay the principle over a 24 month period.