What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?


The Follicular Unit Extraction involves meticulous removal of each individual hair graft with a very small device. This requires patience, attention, additional training and advanced equipment.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center has invested heavily in technology and staff to make this new technique possible. Custom-made punches, developed specifically for this procedure, are only 0.9 millimeters wide. Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center uses this instrument to make a very small circular incision around the follicular unit, which is then slowly extracted directly from the scalp using special forceps. Extra attention is required to prevent any problems. Each individual hair follicle is removed in this way until the appropriate number of hair follicles have been harvested. The individual hair follicles are then implanted into the recipient balding areas.

The results of FUE Hair Transplant in Los Angeles are same as the strip hair transplantations method. Both use follicular unit grafts, the natural way hairs grow, and no hair plugs. As such, the results are natural. No one will notice you had a hair transplant. They will, however, notice that you have more hair on your scalp and increased density than before.

Since each hair graft is individually extracted, FUE takes longer than strip hair transplantation. As such, FUE is also more expensive. Nevertheless, there are certain benefits.

  • No strip removal of scalp skin
  • No linear scar on back of scalp
  • Better aesthetic outcome on back of scalp
  • Reduced down time after surgery
  • Faster healing on back of scalp
  • Quicker return to daily activities
  • Less pain on back of scalp