Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are the only solution to hair loss, that lasts, and it is an optimal choice for both men and women. In addition to restoring hair loss on the scalp, hair transplantation can be used for hair loss of the eyebrows, sideburns, mustache, beard and those seeking transgender hairline. Our clients choose Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center because of his calm and gentle approach, and his expertise in the art of hair transplantation.

After a complete in-depth evaluation of your hair loss, the best hair transplant surgeon in Los Angeles presents you with all necessary options available to reverse your hair loss, including the surgical approach. Hair transplantation is a simple in-office procedure with minimal discomfort. It involves moving hair grafts from the rear of the scalp, where the hair grafts are permanent, to the balding areas. It is a one-day procedure, and no hospitalization or general anesthesia is required. Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center uses only local numbing medication, and the procedure is done with minimal discomfort.

What methods do we use?

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center uses the latest technologies, and the results look so natural people will not even know you had a hair transplant. Our up to date and advanced equipment, such as the custom-made blades and microscopes, enable us to create the most natural hairline and hair transplant. Creating a natural hairline requires a combination of expertise, artistry and the use of science. There are many details that go into avoiding pitfalls. Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center spends as much time as necessary making sure the hairline height and design looks natural.

There are two methods of hair transplants. Both approaches result in the most natural consequence as both utilize follicular hair unit for hair transplantation. No plugs or mini-grafts are ever used.